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If you haven’t heard yet, I am going to attempt to break a Guinness World Record™ for most t-shirts worn by a person at once. The current record is 255 t-shirts, and my goal is to put on 370 t-shirts at once! I decided to make an event out of this and create a great adversiting / sponsorship opportunity while breaking the record and raising some money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Every shirt I put on while trying to break the record will be available to sponsor by friends and businesses. The first t-shirt will be $2 and each t-shirt I put on after that will increase by $2. Example t-shirt #12 would be $24, and t-shirt #34 would be $68 to sponsor. Every t-shirt sponsor will get the following for sponsoring a t-shirt.

*Logo on front of t-shirt (whichever # you choose, the first t-shirt I put on is $2 and each t-shirt after that increases by $2)
*Signed, Dated, and Numbered shirt with your logo on it worn during the World Record breaking attempt.
*Official Certificate from Guinness World Records stating your company was part of breaking a World Record.
*Bio/Description on WorldRecordTees.com, Facebook.com/WorldRecordTees, Flickr.com/WorldRecordTees
*Links to all your company social media pages cross linked on all of our social media pages. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube.
*Logo on banners and signage at the event held 11/11/11 at the Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque, Iowa.

The Record Breaking event will be held on 11/11/11 at the Diamond Jo Casino. If you check out the website (http://www.worldrecordtees.com), you can find out some more information on the event and see what t-shirts are still available and what t-shirts are already sponsored. We just started offering sponsorships on Friday and have nearly 50 taken already. You can sponsor directly online or e-mail me and let me know the # and we can send an invoice.

Join us in breaking a World Record and helping raise some money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call.


Tom Rauen

P.S. The photo below is me wearing t-shirt #370 – XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL

Check out this awesome promo video by Jason at iwearyourshirt.com

Written by Tom Rauen — July 07, 2011


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